I’ve Entered The World Of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – WOW

Every day I leave class, I ask myself what did I get myself into.  Sweat profusely poured down my face, and my twisted and wrinkled Gi was mingled with sweat from my opponents and me.  My unfit and overweight body quickly stiffened as I rapidly cooled off.  I left the school reeling from attempting to perform unfamiliar and rugged workouts. Every day I drive home, I feel like an old, rusted piece of steel. And every day, I survive!

So, what made me choose Brizilian Jiu Jitsu?  It may sound crazy, but I was drawn to it.  Initially, I was looking for a different form of martial arts, like Kung Fu.  For some strange reason, I couldn’t find any school that specifically taught it.

I was forced to look for other alternatives like taekwondo or muay thai.  I accidently fell upon  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu while performing a Google search. It jarred my memory of a conversation I had with my good friend Andre. “Jiu Jitsu will change how you think. It will change your attitude, as well as your body.  It will change your life!”

I wanted to find out more about it, and called him.  I could hear the passion in his voice as he told me his experience.  He immediately sent me all kinds of Youtube vids.  The more videos I saw, the more I was convinced that Brazilian Jiu  Jitsu was for me.

I found a school in my area, and talked to the owner. After all my questions were answered, and I had a quick tour of the school, I was convinced I wanted to join!

The first class was OMG-brutal!  Just the basic moves challenged me.  My body cursed me out in pain language! I couldn’t perform some of the moves because I was overweight and out of shape.  Though I couldn’t perform most of the moves, I was sweating as if I had done them all!

In the end, I survived. But, every muscle screamed, “You bitch!!”  And my sciatica pain screamed the loudest.  I knew I wasn’t going to survive without some pain meds!  Once I got home I popped a few Formula 303’s, a pain reducer and muscle relaxer (without the drowsiness); and just to top it off, I took two Ibuprofens.   I showered and curled up in the bed like a sniveling child.

“So, that’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu… Wow.” I whimpered.

“I’m going back. I love it.”  I whispered, as I entered into a deep and much-needed sleep.


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